A Self Made Man

Label: Vinyl Sounds Records
Catalog: BS1000 / HOW 0
Time: 17:25
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio

  1. Roulette 3:41
  2. Take 'Em As They Come 4:18
  3. Cindy 2:20
  4. Loose Ends 3:52
  5. Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own 2:49

Tracks 1-5 from 1979, Power Station, New York, NY

European release.
Black & White insert cover and excellent quality.
Single sided LP release. Originally limited to 160 copies.
Some LPs are inscribed on the blank side with the issue number.
The inserts come in different colours. Some LPs came with a selection of inserts - and promo items.
Alleged copy of Side A of By The River, because 4 of the 5 tracks are the same.

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