Acoustic Tales

Matrix: BSAT A/B/C/D/E/F
Producer: 1987 Backstreet Records
"Acoustic Tales"
1979 - 1986
3 LP Compilation
Vinyl: Black

This is a collection of acoustic and semi-acoustic demos & live.
The Bridge '86 set on Sides E & F are from an audience capture.
Quality is quite good throughout and I enjoyed giving this one another listen, Artwork includes Front, LP & CD Back and Inside Gatefold.

Side A
A01 Everybody's Looking For Somebody aka Backwood
A02 I Wanna Start A New Life
A03 You Gotta Fight (For What You Want)
A04 I Don't Know
A05 Chevrolet Deluxe (Take 1)
A06 Chevrolet Deluxe (Take 2)
A07 Chevrolet Deluxe (Take 3)
A08 Chevrolet Deluxe (Take 4)
A09 Chevrolet Deluxe (Take 5)

Side B
B01 Chevrolet Deluxe (Take 6)
B02 The Time In Between
B03 Down In White Town
B04 Mr. Outside (Take 1)
B05 Mr. Outside (Take 2)
B06 Held Up Without A Gun (Take 1)
B07 You Can Look (Take 1)
B08 You Can Look (Take 2)
B09 Held Up Without A Gun (Take 2)
B10 You Can Look (Take 3)

Side C
C01 Sugarland
C02 Follow That Dream
C03 Stolen Car
C04 Factory
C05 State Trooper

Side D
D01 Man At The Top
D02 Highway Patrolman
D03 Open All Night
D04 Used Cars

Side E
E01 You Can Look (Bridge '86)
E02 Born In The USA (Bridge '86)
E03 Seeds (Bridge '86)
E04 Darlington County (Bridge '86)
E05 Mansion On The Hill (Bridge '86)

Side F
F01 Fire (Bridge '86)
F02 Dancing In The Dark (Bridge '86)
F03 Glory Days (Bridge '86)
F04 Follow That Dream (Bridge '86)
F05 Hungry Heart (Bridge '86)

A01-A09 B01-B06 (Acoustic Home Demo 9/79-12/79)
B07-B10 (Acoustic Home Demo 1/80-2/80)
C01 Hilton Coliseum - Ames, IA 1984-11-16)
C02 Meadowlands - E. Rutherford, NJ 1984-08-17)
C03 Coliseum - Oakland, CA 1984-10-22)
C04 Reunion Arena - Dallas, TX 1984-11-26)
C05 Civic Center - Pittsburgh, PA 1984-09-22)
D01 RFK Stadium - Washington DC 1985-08-05)
D02 Market Square Arena - Indianapolis, IN 1985-01-07)
D03 Meadowlands - E. Rutherford, NJ 1984-08-11)
D04 Meadowlands - E. Rutherford, NJ 1984-08-12)
E01 - F05 Shoreline Amphitheater - Mountain View, CA 1986-10-13 Audience

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