At The Edge Of Darkness

Label: Musique Sabot
Catalog #: BSCD81278
Time: (37:12)
Format: 1CD
Source: Studio Demos-Outtakes

Atlantic Studios/The Record Plant, New York City, New York June 1977-April 1978
Sound: 4.1/23 Performance: 6.1/23 Overall: 4.2/23

  1. The Fast Song (2:59)
  2. Candy's Boy (4:48)
  3. Streets Of Fire (3:49)
  4. Badlands (4:14)
  5. The Promise (5:24)
  6. Talk To Me (3:58)
  7. Get That Feeling (3:08)
  8. Racing In The Street (6:17)
  9. Bring On The Night (2:35) - rehearsal

Darkness On The Edge Of Town studio sessions; CD has "Dr. Zoom" printed above the disc title.
Quality on this one is not the best - the tracks are from 12/08/77 (August 12, 1977) according to the rear cover of the CD.
Only 2 songs were worked on that day, Gotta Get That Feeling and Racing In the Street.
some of the same tracks (in much better quality) were released on The Lost Master series.
At the time of release, this was the only source for some of the versions, and as such was sought after.

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