1969-09-20 v2

Version 2
Fan made remaster of an original master tape. Medium noise reduction appears to been used.
CDs - 1
Title - A Night Worth Spending In Richmond
Source - Audience
Sound - 5.9

Date: 1969-09-20
Location: Free University, Richmond, VA

Label: -
Catalog #: -

Taper: Steve
Source: Audience
Transferred By: mjk5510
Remastered By: ?
Transfer & Generation info: Master Cassette > CDR > Flac > Remastering process (unknown) > Flac

1. Sister Theresa (3:53)
2. Resurrection (8:08)
3. Garden State Parkway Blues (19:34)
4. The War Is Over (11:11)
5. KT88 (3:48)
6. Goin' Down Slow (15:23)

Total time: (61:57)

Fan remaster.

Original notes:
Here's a fairly rare one, an acutal Steel Mill master audience recording. The tape came my way via a business associate and mutual Springsteen fan. During one of our business meetings a few years back we were discussing the current tour (2002-2003) and bootlegs, he made the comment that he had taped Bruce a couple of times in the 70's. I was thinking one of the '78 shows and you can imagine I almost fell out of my chair when he said he had taped Bruce back when he was a member of Steel Mill and at the Backdoor Club (Bruce Springsteen Band), the circulating show from February 1972.

I inquired if he had traded it ever, he thought he had probably given out a copy or two to some friends over the years but had never circulated it in the traders circles.
So, there may be copies floating around but not from the master tape. The tape itself had "Spring 1970" written on it and he could not remember the exact date.
As far as I remember I've only sent one copy to anyone that does not regularly trade so it is not widely circulated if at all.

This is not the circulating show dated as 5/16/70 and has a completely different set list.

In doing research on this show, by accident, I discovered two songs (Sister Theresa/Ressurection) appeared on the vinyl bootleg "Ressurection" in very poor quality (they were not dated).

Known flaws, this is fairly clean overall, "Garden State Parkway Blues" had a very abrupt cut after about 19 minutes were the tape ran out, I've smoothed this some with a very slight fade (no music missing) so it isn't quite as harsh on playback. "Going Down Slow" also is cut at the very end but is not quite as harsh as it has a bit of fade on it's own as the recording went into the leader tape, I have not touched it further.

This runs 62 minutes long and was on a 60 minute tape, as with many analog tapes each side ran about a minute long so there was no dead space on the tape at all.

The first few seconds has a bit of wow and flutter but stabilizes pretty quickly.

All credit goes to Steve, the original taper, for this one who had the foresight to document this show over 30 years ago and hang on to the tape for that long. As well as unselflishly lending it to me (his is not part of the trading circles so just never gave out many copies or even thought a lot about anyone even caring much).


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