Born To Run Sessions (The)

The Born To Run Sessions
Studio Born to Run Sessions
Recorded at the Record Plant and 914 Sound Studio in NYC - March thru July 1975

This compilation try to show and reorder what we have in common circulation about The Born To Run Sessions.
Sadly nothing new here, if not the long lost Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out demo version aired by Sirius in 2005 (thanks to Estreet Shuffle) and some Born To Run takes that shows the making of this masterpiece step by step. I worked on every song to deliver to you the best quality as i could.
Please consider that i started from the tapes we all have collected in this years (War and Roses , E Ticket etc…), so i couldn't make miracles.
On every file you can find “V…” as in Brucebase to know exactly what take are you listened

01 Thunder Road (Demo) V2
02 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Demo) V2
03 Night (Demo) V1
04 Backstreets (Demo) V1b
05 Born To Run (Demo) V1b @
06 She's the One (Demo) V2
07 Meeting Across The River (Demo) V1
08 Jungleland (Demo) V1

An alternate BORN TO RUN:
09 Thunder Road (Alternate) V3
10 Lonely Night In The Park V1
11 Night (Double Vox) V2
12 Walking in the Street V1
13 Backstreets (Hard Strings Version) V3
14 Born To Run (Double Vox + Strings + Female Chorus) V2l @
15 She's The One (Long Version) V1
16 Linda Let Me Be The One V1
17 Meeting Across The River V4
18 Jungleland (Strings) V3

More Takes:
19 Jungleland (Coda) V2
20 Jungleland V4
21 Thunder Road (Acoustic) V1
22 Thunder Road (Sax Intro) V4
23 Backstreets V1a
24 Backstreets (With Strings) V2a
25 A Love So Fine (Backing Track) V1

The making of Born To Run:
26 Born To Run (Vox + Basic Instruments) V2h @
27 Born To Run (Drumless Track) V2i @
28 Born To Run (Guitar Backing Track) V2j @
29 Born To Run (Vox Only) V2k @
30 Born To Run (Early Backing Track) V1
31 Born To Run (Official BackingTrack) V2h
32 Born To Run (Less Overdubbing) V2g
33 Born To Run (Hard Female Chorus on 3rd Verse) V2f
34 Born To Run (Female Chorus) V2e
35 Born To Run (Double Vox + Strings) V2d
36 Born To Run (1974 Advanced Tape Radio Stations) V2c

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