Boss Of The Boardwalk (The)

Label: Big Boss Man (East Side Music)
Catalog #: BB14-100-1 / BBM100-2
Time: (32:00)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio

Recorded May 3rd, 1972 at CBS Recording Studio, New York.

A1 Jazz Musician (5.02)
A2 Mary Queen Of Arkansas (1.23)
A3 Saint In The City (2.47)
A4 Two Hearts In True Waltz Time (3.23)
A5 Does This Bus Stop? (1.58) //
B1 If I Was The Priest (5.17)
B2 Growin' Up (2.32)
B3 Arabian Nights (5.16)
B4 Street Queen (4.20)

Hammond Demos - these tracks have all been released in better quality on CD. This LP was released 4 separate times with the same tracks but different covers, one featuring a boy with police (below right). At the time it was originally released it was an essential purchase. Release 1, 2 & 3 on East Side Music. Two versions were numbered copies, the others are un-numbered - most have custom labels (some are blank white or black), and the labels on the 3rd release are modified. Recently seen a 4th version insert cover - same pressing plates for the vinyl.

See also Rescued which was a double set with one record the same as this and the other a copy of Roulette.

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