Boss Was Born (The)

The Boss Was Born
St. James Park, Newcastle, UK
June 5, 1985
Label: no label
Catalog #:?
Time: (??.??)
Format: 1LP
source 8 live, 2 studio

Side A

01 This Hard Land (Studio Outtake)
02 Born In The USA (Newcastle 1985-06-05)
03 Badlands (Newcastle 1985-06-05)
04 Darlington County (Newcastle 1985-06-05)
05 Johnny 99 (Newcastle 1985-06-05)

Side B
01 Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Newcastle 1985-06-05)
02 Shut Out The Light ( (Newcastle 1985-06-05) (Listed on cover as My Father's House)
03 The River (Newcastle 1985-06-05)
04 Working On The Highway (Newcastle 1985-06-05)
05 Frankie (Studio Outtake)

Live tracks are from St. James Park - Newcastle, UK 1985-06-05 and use the same recorder source used for the "He's The Boss" LP release.
Good quality German picture disc. Side 2/Track 2 is listed as "My Father's House" but is actually "Shut Out The Light", from 05/06/85, Newcastle, England.

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