Bruce Springsteen Story Vol. 5 (The) - Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom

Label: E. ST. Records
Catalog #: ES21
Time: (1:17:xx)
Format: 1CD
Source: Audience

1971-05-15 - Union, NJ - Newark State College - Ernie Chickin' Festival - sbd (77m)
Bruce Springsteen, Vini Lopez, Steve Van Zandt, Garry Tallent, David Sancious, Southside Johnny, Albee Tellone, Bobby Feigenbaum, Bobby Williams, Connie, Robin Nash, Jeannie Clark, Kevin Kavanaugh

  1. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Man To Cry (Group Therapy) (7:39)
  2. The Southside Shuffle (Pretty Little Woman) (9:08)
  3. Look Towards The Land (6:11)
  4. Going Back To Georgia (8:55)
  5. Last Night In Texas (9:16)
  6. Will You Still Love Me (12:10)
  7. Jambalaya (8:23)
  8. The Zoom Song (2:24)
  9. Lady Of Boston (13:13)

1) "When the Zoom does his thing they take them out by the 100s". "Sonic people (…) Albany Al on the sax".
2) "Southside" (before harmonica solo).
4) "Thank you from Carolina…George and Southside do the sideshow on the side".
6) "Uh, Garry?".
7) "Big Man Bobby Williams".
8) "Come all along, come all along, Doctor Zoom And The Sonic Boom Band".
9) "Skips at 8:51 and 8:52. Fades out at 12:40. Cuts back in on applause".

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