By The River

Label: Music of Distinction
Catalog #: MOD 1012
Time: (40:00)
Format: 1LP
Source Outtakes/Live


  1. Roulette (3.46)
  2. Take Em As They Come (4.12)
  3. Loose End (3.55)
  4. Ricki Wants A Man Of Her Own (2.53) //
  5. Circus Song (4.19)
  6. Fire (3.00)
  7. Raise Your Hand (4.41)
  8. Point Blank (7.58)
  9. Hungry Heart (3.36)

Tracks 1-4: Studio River Demos
Track 5: CBS convention 01/05/73 Los Angeles, CA
Track 6-8: 19/09/78 Passaic (sourced from Piece De Resistance boot LP)
Track 9: 01/05/81 Copenhagen live with Danish band "Malurt"

The discs (at left) are the original "By The River" Copied on (BS1000) pictured lower right - the original was issued on blue vinyl and came with a lyric book to the first 5 official albums. There are MOD releases with purple or gold writing over the same artwork.

See also The Ties That Bind LP version which was the BS1000 release in a different cover.

Note - also copied on The Best Is Yet To Come - on pink vinyl.

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