Demo Tapes (The)

Label: ??
Catalog #: BSD A/B
Time: (42:00)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio

  1. Street Queen (3.55)
  2. Southern Son (3.56)
  3. Henry Boy (3.16)
  4. If I Was The Priest (5.33)
  5. Vibes Man - aka "New York City Song" (3.08) //
  6. Song To Orphans (6.01)
  7. She's Leaving (2.46)
  8. The Song - aka "The Word" (3.47)
  9. Arabian Night (5.46)
  10. Cowboys Of The Sea (4.19)

The original release on LP from a tape of the acetates later used directly for the above CD. There was a UK (500 copies)(with custom stamped labels) and a USA (1000 copies) release of this one. The USA release is usually found on blue vinyl, but is also on black vinyl. As far as actual numbered copies go - there seem to be two variations - some are handnumbered with "This is copy XX of 500" and some have a stamped number (usually with a XXXX configuration). I saw the hand numbered version at the time the LP first came out - the stamped numbered ones seem to have appeared more recently - but they may be authentic.

There are a lot of original and copied (repressed) versions (as detailed below) with no number even though almost all the covers retain the limited edition band at the lower right of the cover, this is particularly noticable with the USA release. It's also available with a green cover with blue and or yellow vinyl, with custom or blank labels, and on a limited clear or yellow vinyl special edition (Matrix SS5). Also seen versions with a slip insert cover - same design and one release with only a portion of the cover reproduced - these are all on blue vinyl. There is also a version with the full cover - printed in a smaller version front and back which has custom fake labels with the correct song titles. Label has LP-BSD-ONE number. Finally - there is a real small insert version with a photocopied insert front cover - with even the title cut off.

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