Don't Look Back

Label: PUD Records
Catalog #: PUD104/P4234
Time: (42:25.74)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio/Live

A1 Roulette (3:40.27)
A2 Don't Look Back (3:02.73)
A3 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (slow version) (3:53.47)
A4 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (acoustic version) (9:18.12)

B1 The Way (3:46.10)
B2 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (4:26.17)
B3 The Fever (with Southside Johnny) (8:08.01)
B4 The Promise (6:10.37)


Track : A1 Power Station, New York, NY, USA 1979-04-03
Tracks: A2 Atlantic Studios, New York, NY, USA 1977-07-02
Track : A3 Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, USA 1975-12-30
Track : A4 Radio Station WBCN-FM, Boston, MA, USA 1974-04-09
Tracks B1 Atlantic Studios, New York, NY, USA 1977-08-15
Track : B2 C W Post College, Greenvale, NY, USA 1975-12-12
Track : B3 The Agora, Cleveland, OH, USA 1978-08-31
Track : B4 Music Hall, Boston, MA, USA 1978-05-31

Originally released with a Black and White cover and subsequently with a blue cover, as well as a picture disc. Can be found with red (orange - PUD104) or green covers as well.

(more notes from
Many slight different versions of this record are circulating. They can be time - ordered with attention to these particulars:
The 'factors' in play are:
1) PUD / non PUD label on record.
2) Detail loss notable on rear of cover.
3) Matrix with / without 'BRE' on b-side
4) Horizontal "buy Pud I" writing on front writing
5) Vertical writing "DON'T LOOK BACK collector's items….." on front, right side.
6) Ink colour for rear
7) Background colour for front

A feasible timeline should be:

A) A first run was no background, Horizontal writing, no Vertical writing, PUD label, BRE matrix, no detail loss.
A1) Then they started playing with inks, and we have the 'vivid colours' versions identical to (A) otherwise. But PUD label may be omitted on certain copies.
B) Then they added the Vertical writing, label is PUD or non PUD. Predominance of 'light blue' copies. Details are ok and matrix is the same of (A)
C) Definitely a second press: Horizontal writing removed, quite all (all?) non PUD labels, loss of detail on rear cover, different matrix, inferior sound, various inks for rear (attention : gray writings on back for 'white' background copies, not to be confused with (A))

Out of this timeline, there is the picture disc edition where probably we can speak of a first run that went out with 'deluxe' cardboard reproducing the cover (with die-cut hole) and a second one came in simple coloured cartoon sleeves. Same matrix (PUD 104, no BRE)

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