"E" Ticket

Label: MAK Productions
Catalog #: ESB75002
Time: (46:00)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio

  1. Rosalita (7.02)
  2. Kitty's Back (7.00)
  3. Thunder Road (4.36)
  4. Sandy (5.35) //
  5. Walking In The Street (3.58)
  6. Shes The One (6.13)
  7. A Love So Fine (3.45)
  8. Born To Run (4.30)
  9. Thunder Road (4.33)
  10. Jungleland (1.06)

This is the one that really upset Bruce when he saw it onsale.

Original release was on Ruthless Rhymes records and the second press has custom labels and a wrap cover with the same artwork, although complete glued covers with the green custom labels exist as well as a picture label variant. The very first pressing has a plain white cover with E-Ticket stamped and a written number (in blue ink) on the sleeve (with RR labels). (These came out before the standard covers were available and are pretty rare now). A "fake" advance press LP was circulated in the late 80s - these are repacks and are worthless junk. There were numerous "pirate" copies of the original LP - some were dubbed from tapes of the original LP and some were from the same masters. All apart from the ones listed below had the same cover art, but were on different or blank labels.

Also released as a picture disc - of which there are two variants (and some come with a cut out sleeve and others just with a plastic wrapper).

See also Criminals And Artists and Devil In Disguise which are both copies.

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