Label: Backstreets Records
Catalog #: BSF A/B
Time: (??:??)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio/Live

  1. The Fever
  2. Hey Santa Anna
  3. Seaside Bar Song
  4. Zero And Blind Terry //
  5. Bishop Dance
  6. Thundercrack
  7. The Ties That Bind
  8. Tonight

Essentially a copy of Fire on The Fingertips with two extra tracks - '73 band demos, '79 acoustic demo & '72-'73 live)
Fever/Santa Ana/Seaside Bar song/Zero and blind Terry Bishop dance (live believed to be on Aug. 30, 1972)/Thundercrack (live on Apr. 24, 1973)/The ties that bind (acoustic demo)/Tonight (acoustic demo)
Front cover is the color picture taken at the SUN CITY session. Bruce wears a leather jacket. Green Vinyl or dark red marbled Brown vinyl.
Ruthless Rhymes labels

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