Label: Black Cat Records - Picture Disc
Catalog #: FE A/B
Time: (48:13.06)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio Outakes

There are two vinyl releases, here is the other bootleg titled "Fever".

Disc: (48:13.06)

A1 Fever (7:31.19)
A2 Linda Let Me Be The One (4:37.47)
A3 The Promise (5:34.01)
A4 Hearts Of Stone (5:30.56)

B1 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (Instrumental) (6:57.35)
B2 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (Instrumental) (5:41.33)
B3 Walking In The Street (3:57.21)
B4 A Love So Fine (Instrumental) (3:47.71)
B5 Thunder Road (acoustic) (4:35.23)

Track A1: studio sessions 1973
Track A2: studio sessions 1975
TrackS A3/A4: studio sessions 1977
TrackS B1/B2: instrumental, studio sessions 1973
Track B3: studio sessions 1974
Track B4: instrumental, studio sessions 1974/1975
Track B5: acoustic version, studio sessions 1975

This record was released as a limited edition.
This version is on white vinyl with a sepia color photo and blue insert with "Limited Edition" red sticker on front. A light beige coloured vinyl with a transparent sleeve and without a red sticker has been identified, but as yet no further information is known.

For more information regarding this boot, visit Killing Floor.

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