Follow Your Dream

Label: Sugarland Productions
Catalog #: BS8384
Time: (??:??)
Format: 1LP
Source: BITUSA outakes

  1. Cynthia (3.56)
  2. None But The Brave (5.11)
  3. Drop On Down (And Cover Me) (4.21)
  4. Sugarland (2.34)
  5. My Love Will Not… #1 (2.59) //
  6. Follow That Dream (3.32)
  7. Glory Days (4.58)
  8. Janey Don't You Lose Heart (4.09)
  9. My Love Will Not… #2 (4.13)
  10. Murder Incorporated (3.42)

side 1: Cynthia (listed as "Walk on")/None but the brave/(Drop on down and) cover me (listed as "Cythia")/Sugarland/My love
side 2: Follow that dream (listed as "Follow your dream")/Glory days/Janey don't lose heart (with Little Steven)/My love (with backing vocal by Steve)/Murder incorporated (with piano-intro)

Front cover with a brilliant color shot of Bruce's face with a bandana in red background. Silver sticker on frontcover to explain the material contained. Backcover features the B&W shot of Bruce lying down on the stage, probably singing "Sherry darling". Laminated cover. Multicolor vinyl with the NOT GUILTY label (European pressing). Swingin' Pig also released a copy of this LP. Also available in Blue and Clear Vinyl.

Copied on the release None But The Boss.

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