Murder Incorporated - The Real Born In The U.S.A. Album

Label: The Godfatherecords
Catalog #: G.R. 49
Format: 1CD
Source: Studio demos / outtakes

The Hit Factory & The Power Station, New York City, NY March 1982 - April 1984

  1. Born In The U.S.A. (full version)
  2. Murder Incorporated (Take 1)
  3. This Hard Land
  4. Protection
  5. County Fair
  6. Glory Days (with extra verse)
  7. Janey Don't You Lose Heart (complete version with synth coda)
  8. My Love Will Not Let You Down
  9. Follow That Dream
  10. Working On The Highway
  11. I'm Goin' Down
  12. Frankie
  13. Murder Incorporated (take 2)
  14. None But The Brave
  15. Drop On Down And Cover Me
  16. Sugarland
  17. Cynthia

Born In The U.S.A. studio demos and outtakes
Track 17 recorded at Hollywood Hills Garage Studio, Los Angeles

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