1972-03-17 Non Über Project Volume One

Date: 1972-03-17
Location: Richmond Arena, Richmond, VA

Label: -
Catalog #: -

Taper: ?
Source: Soundboard
Transferred By: ?
Transfer & Generation info: Stereo Soundboard Recording > 1/4" - 2 Track Reel Tape > Cassete Tape > .WAV > ProTools

Disc 1: (68:40)

  1. Do It With A Feeling (10:36)
  2. Cherokee Queen (5:54)
  3. Look Towards The Land (9:22)
  4. Mama I'm Coming Home (7:44)
  5. Not Fade Away / Bo Diddley’s A Gunslinger (8:50)
  6. Hoochie Coochie Man (12:20)
  7. When You Dance (13:54)

Disc 2: (39:50)

  1. When You Dance* (13:54)
  2. Goin’ Back To Georgia (6:08)
  3. Got My Mojo Workin’ (7:53)
  4. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (11:55)

*Included On Both Discs.

Bruce Springsteen: Guitar, Vocals
Garry Tallent: Bass
Vini Lopez: Drums
Steve Van Zandt: Guitar, Vocals
David Sancious: Keyboards

Original notes:

Compiled by Audio2575, Special thanks to Pedro, Greasylake, Brucebase, Springsteenlirycs.com,Backstreets, Night, Tinker West and the man himself: Bruce Springsteen.

Stereo Soundboard Recording > 1/4" - 2 Track Reel Tape > Cassete Tape > .WAV > ProTools

Welcome to the NON-Uber Series release of a great classic concert from the Bruce Springsteen Band. This is Volume 1 of what I hope will be many more to come.

In this set, all songs are in stereo, which was not available for any of the songs, including "Cherokee Queen" and "Hoochie Coochie Man" which have always been in mono. "Mama I'm Comin' Home" is certainly a highlight here— the definitive recording of it, as well as a rockin' song. "When You Dance" is a near complete recording with only a small dropout (as the March 14 rehearsal also has), but gains points as being a much more high energy live performance than the rehearsal take, with comparable sound quality and fantastic stereo guitar play between Bruce and Steve.

This recording comes from a set of 2 cassette tapes that I acquired in 1983 from a guy at a record store in Bloomfield, NJ. The tapes somehow got lost in the shuffle, and I had actually listened to them many years ago, but had thought that I now had these recordings on CD. I recently discovered the two tapes while trying to find songs for my "20th Century Songs" set.

When I had found these tapes earlier this year, I had hoped that as the UBER series of recording was being released, that this recording would help to dislodge some of the long held recordings that the "old fans" have in their possession and are kept between a small group of collectors, for the rest of the Bruce community to never hear. Unfortunately, this plan to uncover more lost gems like this was not successful… so, this is my offering to you. As I go through the remainder of these old tapes, I hope to discover more of the same.

Audio2575 - GreasyLake.org

This set is not for sale! It is here for fans, ALL the fans! Please share it with all that you wish to.

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