Label: Record Man
Catalog #:914
Time: (25:00)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio/Live

A1 Guns Of Kid Cole (4:44.54)
A2 Mama Knows Rithmatic Knows How To Take A Fall (4:18.39)
A3 Get Your Wheels And Roll (3:29.29)

B1 Kid Called Zero (5:42.33)
B2 Angel From the Inner Lake Heart of A Ballerina (6:38.73)

Track A1 - A3 - B1: June 28, 1973 914 Sound Studios, Blauvelt, NY
TrackS A2 - B2 : Jan 31, 1973 early show at Max's Kansas City, New York City, NY

A copy of Fire On The Fingertips.
the cover picture features Steel Mill.

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