Really, Truly, Complete Backdoor Club Tapes (The)

Date: 1972-02-xx
Location: Backdoor Club, Richmond, VA

Label: -
Catalog #: Non-Uber Series Vol. 2

Taper: ?
Source: Audience Tape
Transferred By: ?
Transfer & Generation info:

Disc 1 - Soundboard recording

  1. Down The Road Apiece (6:11)
  2. Make Up Your Mind (5:50)
  3. Like A Stranger(10:46)
  4. I Remember-1 (15:10)
  5. I'm Into Something Good (2:55)
  6. Take Out Some Insurance (2:24)
  7. Down To Mexico-1 (5:22)
  8. When You Dance1 (6:58)

Disc 2 - Audience recording

  1. Magic Kind Of Lovin' (5:53)
  2. Love Is A Crazy Thing (6:04)
  3. Band's Just Boppin' The Blues (12:53)
  4. I Just Can't Change (6:27)
  5. All I Want To Do Is Dance-1 (7:45)
  6. Down To Mexico-2 (5:32)
  7. Bless My Soul-1 (11:47)

Disc 3 - Audience recording

  1. Down To Mexico-3 (5:03)
  2. Darkness-Darkness (12:22)
  3. Sitting On Top Of The World (10:18)
  4. Bright Lights, Big City (14:03)
  5. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (11:16)
  6. Cowboys Of The Sea (10:50)

Disc 4 - Feb 26, 1972 Audience recording

  1. Down To Mexico- 4 (5:42)
  2. Something You Got (8:20)
  3. All I Want To Do Is Dance-2 (7:27)
  4. I Remember-2 (14:29)
  5. Bless My Soul-2 (11:38)

Original notes:

Welcome to the NON-UBER series of recordings.

This disc includes the entire 4 CD set of “The Really, Truly, Complete Backdoor Club Tapes”. It includes three audio formats of the set, including FLAC files for those of you who can decode them to .wav files, full quality .wav files for those of you who cannot (or don’t know how to) decode the FLAC files. Also, for your IPOD, we’ve included 256 kbps MP3 files. The disc also includes a file of the history of the songs represented here, including Bruce’s original songs and the many covers played by the band. All the artwork you will want for a 4 CD jewel case and the discs themselves are also included, so you can have a complete, professional set for your collection—if you choose. There are also extra MP3 files included of alternate versions of some of the songs, including some alternate versions of the cover songs.

You will also find FLAC front-end software on the disc. So, even if you don’t have the software, you have it now and can follow the read me file to use it. If you are still as illiterate as I used to be, the .wav files are here for you to use.

When each person receives this disc, they should be able to transfer whatever version or versions of audio to your hard drive, and if you have 2 hard drives, you can even decode the FLAC files or burn the .wav files directly to CD. To get the most out of the set, be sure to also store the info files and extra MP3’s.

There’s a lot of fun stuff here, and the quality is so much better than what has been available prior to it. It’s great stuff.

As always, I want to thank everyone who helped me with this and all the related projects. Pedro, Richard, Zeke, Night, Tinker, Vini, Bruce, Backstreets, Greasylake, Brucebase, Springsteenlyrics- hope I didn’t miss anyone. If I did, I apologize.

Mike- Audio2575

What we have learned is that many Bruce fans have some material they are not allowed to share. So here's my offer to start things rolling: Anyone from the Uber Project who wants to share material such as the LA 1985, Philly 2005 that you bought on Ebay etc, etc, but doesn't want it known that you have it, well, you can send things to me at audio2575. You can use a secret email address, dress in dark clothing, burn off your fingerprints, wear a wig and I will meet you on any corner of the planet to convert your reel tapes, cassette tapes or 8-tracks to .wav files for the whole world to hear.

I won't tell anyone where the material comes from. If you want to lend us a hand in undermining the hoarder mentality that keeps great stuff off-limits, send me a copy. I don't even have mention who you are. Please contact me, too, if you want to help. I have great confidence that some material that hasn't yet seen the light may come forward if all of you make the effort.

This volume comes from another batch of cassette tapes and includes the really, truly, complete Backdoor tapes: all 26 songs. It does not include four songs from the VCU Gym on October 30, 1971 (which is not the Backdoor). Disc one is sourced from Tinker's original reel tape and the remaining three discs were recorded to cassette tape with mics in the audience. The taper can be heard at the beginning of disc 4. I have edited lightly, removed some noise, leveled without compression and done some minor EQ, that could be done with the frequency response available on the recordings. Special thanks to Zeke, who upgraded a few of the songs here. There are some great songs here, so enjoy.

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