Running Out Of Innocence

Running Out of Innocence
Born To Run & The Wild,The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle Outtakes
The Godfatherecords GR 137-138

Disc 1:
01 Backstreets (alternate take with strings)
02 BTR (alternate take with female background vocals)
04 Thunder Road (different lyrics version)
04 Thunder Road (alternate take with saxophone opening)
05 A Love So Fine (instrumental unreleased track)
06 She's The One (different lyrics)
07 Night (Double-tracked lead vocals)
08 Lovers in The Cold (unreleased Track)
09 Lonely Night In The park (unreleased Track)
10 Backstreets (alternate take #2 with strings)
11 Backstreets (Different lyrics)
12 Thunder Road (Acoustic Version)
13 BTR (double-tracked lead vocals)
14 The Heist(early version of "Meeting Across the River")
15 Jungleland (alternate take with strings and different solos)

Disc 2
01 Linda Let Me be The One (unreleased Track)
02 Jungleland (alternate take with strings)
03 Jungleland (rehersal take of ending)
04 Phantoms (early version of "Zero and Blind Terry")
05 New York City Serenade (alternate take)
06 Evacuation Of The West (unreleased track)
07 Kitty's Back (alternate take)
08 4th of July Asbury Park (alternate take)
09 Zero and Blind Terry (instrumental take #1)
10 Hey Santa Ana (alternate take with flute solo)
11 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (instrumental take)
12 4th of July Asbury Park (instrumental take)
13 Zero And Blind Terry (instrumental take #2)

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