Son You May Kiss The Bride

Label: Basil Records
Catalog #: WED AL 13585
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio

  1. I Wanna Be Where The Bands Are
  2. White Lies
  3. Rendezvous
  4. The Iceman
  5. Preachers Daughter
  6. Breakout aka All Night Long //
  7. Hearts Of Stone
  8. English Sons
  9. Taxi Cab
  10. Bo Diddley Rocker
  11. Son You May Kiss The Bride aka Stolen Car

Apparently comes with different coloured sleeves - commonly found with a red background, but a blue one is known to exist (some of these have flying pig labels BUG105) as well as a differently arranged gold or green cover with custom labels (BRIDE1/2). Rare coloured vinyl editions also exist - blank labels on these Also issued as a boxed set picture disc with a free 12 inch single as a 2nd picture LP, second disc is called "Bruce Springsteen Special Mix Limited Edition". Side One contains "Haunted House", Live In Los Angeles, CA 1980. Side Two is "Proud Mary", Live in Cincinnati, OH 1981 and a free poster. This latter one is a black box with sticker. It may also be available as a separate picture disc not in the boxed set.

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