Steelmill Bossman / River Refinery

Catalog #: RR-LP80
Time: (??:??)
Format: 1LP
Source: 1979 acoustic home demos

  1. Everybody Is Looking For Somebody
  2. I Wanna Start A Whole New Life
  3. You Got To Fight (for what you want)
  4. I Don't Know
  5. Chevrolet Deluxe //
  6. White Town
  7. Looking Out For The Number One (Mr. Outside)
  8. Held Up Without A Gun
  9. You Can Look
  10. Point blank (outtake of full-band version)

Two versions of the LP are known to exist (early European and later US pressing). The covers vary with release. The US bootlegger apparently tried to make a packaging looking like an official Columbia promo release. Black vinyl with white plain label, on one release, Bruce Records 29878 - Red or black vinyl with custom label (RRLP80) on other.

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