This Hard Land

Label: A.D.M.T. Blood Brothers Records
Catalog #: LP 1/2 A/B
Format: Two 12" Black Vinyl Records
Source: Studio Outtakes
Total Time: 1 hour 24 minutes 51.74 seconds
Date: 1977 / 1983
Location: Various Studio Locations

Disc 1: (39:18.66)

A1 This Hard Land (4:48.01)
A2 I'm Goin' Down (3:28.59)
A3 Cover Me (3:18.73)
A4 Don't Back Down (1:00.10)
A5 Born In The USA (8:15.53)

B1 Murder Incorporated (4:47.16)
B2 Glory Days (5:18.13)
B3 Searching For You Darling (aka My Love Will Not Let You Down)(4:18.53)
B4 Man At The Top (live) (4:03.13)

Disc 2: (45:33.08)

C1 Stolen Car (4:15.65)
C2 I Wanna Be With You (3:11.03)
C3 Preacher's Daughter (5:27.51)
C4 Factory (2:19.59)
C5 Down By The River (aka Say Son) (2:25.12)
C6 Loose Ends (4:19.54)

D1 I Wanna Live (2:22.17)
D2 Heart Of Stone (5:37.69)
D3 I'm Going Back (5:37.00)
D4 Janey Needs A Shooter (6:52.71)
D5 City At Night (3:03.57)

Tracks: A1/A3 - A5 - B1 - B3 The Hit Factory, New York, NY, USA 1982-03-01
Track : A4 ??? 1983-07-01
Track : B2 Power Station, New York, NY, USA 1983-05-10
Track : B4 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI, USA 1984-07-12
Track : C1 Power Station, New York, NY, USA 1979-06-21
Tracks: C2 - C5 - D3/D5 Atlantic studios, New York, NY, USA 1977-06-01
Tracks: C3 - D1/D2 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA 1977-09-01
Track : C4 Record Plant / Atlantic studios, New York, NY, USA 1977-08-01
Track : C6 Power Station, New York, NY, USA 1979-04-01

All tracks with the exception of Track B4 were recorded in the studio. Track B4 was recorded live at the Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, WI on July 12, 1984.

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