Label: Hot Disks
Catalog #: HOT-BOSS-001 A/B
Time: (??.??)
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio/Live

  1. Shut Out The Light
  2. Jersey Girl
  3. Pink Cadillac
  4. Held Up Without A Gun
  5. Dancing In The Dark
  6. Stand On It //
  7. Johnny Bye Bye
  8. Trapped
  9. Be True
  10. Johnny 99
  11. Cover Me

There were 2 pressings each of 100 disks - A multicoloured and a normal black vinyl.
Custom labels say 'EVIL Records' : don't know if these copies were pressed before or after. First pressing on black vinyl, second pressing on coloured vinyl (declared limited to 100 copies).
This album is nothing more than a pirate collection of bruce single from 'Born in the USA'.
The only fine thing of this useless record is the vinyl of the second edition.

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