Ultra Rare Trax Volume 1

Label: The Genuine Pig
Catalog #: TGP147
Time: (50:16)
Format: 1CD
Source: Studio Demos - Outtakes

CBS Studios, New York City, New York May 3, 1972
Sound: 6.9/8 + Performance: 7.3/8 + OveralLabel: 6.7/8

  1. Mary Queen Of Arkansas
  2. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  3. Jazz Musician
  4. If I Was The Priest
  5. Arabian Night
  6. Growin' Up
  7. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
  8. Two Hearts In True Waltz Time
  9. Street Queen
  10. The Angel
  11. Southern Son
  12. Cowboys Of The Sea

Referred to as the "CBS Audition" or "Hammond Demos"
This appears to be a copy of "The Unsurpassed Springsteen Vol. 3 - CBS Audition (Hammond Demos)"

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