Visions Of America

Label: BOSS
Catalog #: BURNOUT 85 A/B
Time: 41:15.54
Format: 1LP
Source: Studio

A1 Glory Days (5:19.64)
A2 This Hard Land (5:11.63)
A3 Frankie (7:52.71)

B1 Murder Incorporated (4:20.26)
B2 My Love Will Not Let You Down (4:27.17)
B3 Born In The USA (8:08.51)
B4 Where The Bands Are (3:31.58)
B5 Break Out (2:23.04)

Tracks: A1 / B2 The Power Station 1982-05-05
Track : A2 The Power Station 1982-05-11
Track : A3 The Power Station 1982-05-14
Track : B1 The Power Station 1982-05-03
Track : B3 The Power Station 1982-04-28
Track : B4 The Power Station 1979-10-09
Track : B5 The Record Plant 1977-11-04

Laminated cover featuring Bruce's pictures both on front and back cover. Front picture is the same one with that of "Fire On The Fingertips", but in lesser quality and actually printed in reverse to the original picture. B&W picture with red typing. laminated cover. Black and red vinyl or Blue/Black vinyl with THE BOSS labels.

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