1973-10-18 Oliver's, Boston, MA
Tom Gillen I attended both the shows at Oliver’s (now k/a Cask N Flagon on 10/18 & 10/19. I was a student at Boston University and one of my dorm mates at Myles Standish Hall – Bob Himlefrarb talked a bunch of us into going to the first performance. Bob was from Holmdel New Jersey and said he had seen him in the Asbury Park area – and said he was with a band – I think the name of the band he said had the name of “Steel…”. We had plenty to drink & we were outgoing and with a smallish crowd we were able to converse with Bruce between songs. We let him know Bob was from NJ and I was from Philly. I asked him if he could play Tommy from the Who. He smiled and played a bunch of songs from the famous album – duplicating the music perfectly.
We went back the next night – crowd swelled to about 40-50 then, ha. We re-introduced ourselves. He was incredibly polite. He told all of us that he just signed on with Columbia records, I believe.
In the spring I went to Philly during semester break and asked my girlfriend who was a student (Eva Georgias) if she wanted to hear this cool band play – at the Main Point. She agreed, we had a great time – much bigger crowd by then over 100 people.
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