1975-07-25 Keystone Hall, Kutztown, PA
Ross Crumlish I was in attendance - sitting up on the side, near the top of the gym. I attended with my high school girlfriend. A very high energy show (of course) - I have a vague memory of Bruce climbing up and standing on the top of the piano during “Rosalita” and leaping off at the climactic moment. Drove up with my girlfriend (now my life partner) from Philadelphia for the show. And, yes, many of the floor chairs in the gym were in ruins after the show! When I got back to school in Washington DC that fall, one of my friends (who grew up in Reading, PA) had this poster (See News/Memorabilia-tab), and had also attended the concert. When we graduated, he gave me this as a going away/graduation present. He is still in my life almost 50 years later as one of my best friends, and we still talk about this show! The girlfriend and I went our separate ways, and then, almost 40 years later, we reunited and are now partners! I gave her this poster as a birthday present a few years ago, and it hangs in her office at work.
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