2000-05-03 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
Joni It's funny how you turn to comforting things when you need to. I've had a ton of bad news today and decided I could try and relieve the mood by re-living this concert! Bruce helps us in many ways!
This was the first concert for my sister, Karen, and my husband Rick. My friend, Eva, had travelled with me to Buffalo the previous November so this was her second concert. I'm always afraid I have built up the concert too much before-hand and it isn't until the concert starts that I realize I couldn't possibly have done that.
Rick is not a huge fan. He is a few years younger than me and grew up in England, participating as a drummer in a punk rock band in his teens. His knowledge of Bruce was very limited until he met me. He hadn't gone to Buffalo with me as he decided that was too much money to spend on someone who was a fan only peripherally. Although he did not become a blithering-idiot type fan like me after this concert, he did agree about the band and the man being one of the best performers and this being one of the best concerts he's ever been at; I remember the comment "He sure gets the crowd going. I don't think I've every heard a crowd so loud at a concert". I consider that high praise from someone who frequented Wembley, Knebworth and other decent venues in England to see pretty decent artists.
Karen loved Out in the Streets and I was blown away by Light of Day. I can't get enough of that song. Once again If I Should Fall Behind was beautifully done. Ramrod seemed to go on and on forever, and we wished it did! The Toronto crowds aren't always the wildest and I would be the one that stood for most of the concert, regardless of what my seat-mates did.
Once again I was grateful after the concert to hit the ladies room - to run cold water over my swollen hands! I'm smiling now…thanks.
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