2002-12-04 Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
Ziv This was my fourth time seeing Bruce in Concert - going back to the 1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town tour. I didn't think anything could surpass that show… but this one at least matched it in terms of Bruce's energy, stage persona and antics… (well almost). His voice was THE BEST I've ever heard at one of his concerts. He may be older, but time has been very gracious to him. The entire East Street Band played awesomely, from the BIG MAN, to Lil' Stevie, to Max, to the new violinist! Talk about 'Magic in the Night', from the first note of song one 'The Rising', to the finale, 'Santa Clause is Coming to Town', it was one of those nights that you wish you could just 'freeze frame' and savor for a long, long time.
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