2002-12-05 Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
Scott Ellsworth The show was simply Bruce delivering on the promise as always. We had seen Buffalo a couple of months back, and in contrast Bruce and the band seemed to hit the stage at full speed rather than taking a song or two to warm up. When you love songs out of his whole catalogue, you're not going to be disappointed in any show, but it was good to hear him play some things from the seventies way back (Night, Thunder Road with the band) that varied from the other show. He appeared to be enjoying Santa Claus this night (and we certainly were too), repeating the last two thirds of the song and working at spinning the tassel of the obligatory Santa hat around his head as he played. I have a rant though, and it's not directed at Bruce or the band. It would be nice if radio stations and newspapers would send reviewers to shows that pay freaking attention and know what they're talking about. To the announcer who lost his voice just after embarrassing himself on Q107 from the post show, that was "Candy's Room" - they did NOT play "Prove It All Night". To James McCarten of Canadian Press, it's "No Surrender", not "Never Surrender", and that was "Cadillac Ranch", not "Pink Cadillac". It ain't that hard to follow, guys.
Peter Richard The 11th Bruce Springsteen show of my life and I fear, my last. I understand he's 53 and although still performs with that burning intensity that separates him from many, he has definitely in the last decade lost his edge. The song selection was disappointing (a piano-only version of "If I Should Fall Behind", "Land Of Hopes & Dreams"???), where were the soul wrenching songs that rock straight out of his gut? "Cadillac Ranch" was performed in a lower key, I guess to accommodate his fading vocal range. "Into The Fire" was sung with too much twang and fell into C&W territory. "Born In The USA" was returned to its original arrangement but the vocal delivery seemed lacking any edge as if Bruce seems tired by his own songs that he has to re-invent them every tour. Where have his intro/storytelling talents gone? The sound is too murky with FOUR! guitarists competing for the riffing. Clarence is underused and Danny's keyboards were inaudible (was he plugged in?) The first time I saw Bruce in the summer of 1984, he was literally a man on fire possessed by the music… I miss that man.
Lennie Yowza Yowza what a show!!! Woohoo! Show started at 8:20pm. The lights went out and everyone went crazy! Each of the E Streeters came out to a big applause, then Clarence (the house exploded) then…. Brooooocceee (Nuclear Meltdown)! The Rising songs sounded great. The sound was incredible at the Air Canada Centre. I just sat back and listened for a bit and could hear everyone word Bruce was saying. Candy's Room really rocked. First time I ever heard that song live as well as She's the One and Night (awesome)!!! Empty Sky and Missing were touching but for me the high point of the show were If I should Fall Behind (solo piano) followed by Thunder Road. Santa Claus was a fitting way to end this show - on an upbeat. Bruce, please come back next year. I'll be there for sure!!!
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