Eyewitness Reports

Brucebase has been contacted by the administrator of GreasyLake with the request to preserve and make available the Eyewitness reports they have received over the years. Below is an overview of the eyewitness reports that we have created so far. The gig page it belongs to have a "eye"-icon 00Eye-32.png. An extract of the original data can be downloaded here.

All the Eyewitness Reports will also be listed here, separated by year. For those that prefer to scroll through a list.

This is a work in progress, feel free to share your eyewitness report - E mail us directly at brucebase.

Eyewitness Reports: 211

The 30 Eyewitness-reports below have just recently been added, with the latest addition at the top.

Courtesy of Greasy Lake, and Springsteen-fans all over the world.

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