1965-10-00 Marlboro State Hospital, Marlboro, NJ

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The Castiles perform for patients at this local psychiatric hospital. Springsteen has briefly mentioned this early Castiles gig a couple of times over the years, once commenting: "This guy in a suit got up and introduced us for twenty minutes, saying we were greater than The Beatles, then the doctors came up and took him away." George Theiss has also recalled/verified this gig to Brucebase, commenting: "There was a woman who was trying to seduce everyone and some guy was running around screaming "Banzai!", "Banzai!"

On 30th October 1965 drummer Bart Haynes unexpectedly quit the band. He was replaced by Vince Manniello. Haynes (who was a year older than Springsteen) graduated high school in June 1966, joined the U.S. Marines Corps in October 1966, was sent to Vietnam in April 1967 and was killed in action in October 1967.

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