1966-07-02 Surf 'N' See Club, Sea Bright, NJ

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This was the grand-opening night at The Surf 'N' See Club. One show, double bill, with The Castiles opening for headliners The Rogues, who had been hired as the club's house band for the months of July and August. As part of its job description The Rogues were to audition any local bands seeking work at the club. In the late morning The Castiles (hoping to land some future bookings) had auditioned for three of the six members of The Rogues (vocalist Thom White, drummer Mike Waters and guitarist John Waasdorp). Although they had not intended to have someone open for them on opening night, Rogues members Thom White and Mike Waters have told Brucebase that after listening to a couple of songs they told The Castiles, "You might as well leave your equipment here, you're opening for us tonight."

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