1967-12-22 Ocean Side Surf Club, Sea Bright, NJ

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One show, double bill, with The Castiles opening for out-of-town headliners The Broadways. The Ocean Side Surf Club was merely the new name for the former See 'n' Surf Club whose name was changed in November 1967.
In a recent interview with Chris Jordan, Bruce confirmed that the Castiles opened for the Broadways. Chris said: "I can’t imagine two different groups than the Castiles, teenagers, the Broadways, Leon Trent was an MP in the (Navy). That must have been some show." Springsteen responded: "My recollection was it was a black and white crowd. It was at the Surf and Sea, or the Tradewinds somewhere in Sea Bright, and the only thing I remember is that we played and when we came off stage, we opened for them, and then they got up on stage and the first thing we heard was. We were, Jesus Christ, the sound system is feeding back on these guys and we ran back to the stage to try to fix the sound system. When we got to the stage we realized it was the lead singer hitting this high note before the show started. He was in front of the mic going ahhhhhhh, holding it for 60 seconds, and then he would go 'I want to be with you' and then he would go into the song. It's really hilarious but it was my biggest memory from playing with the Broadways."

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