1968-05-00 Off Broad Street Coffee House, Red Bank, NJ

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The Off Broad Street Coffee House opened in May 1968 to cater for the burgeoning singer-songwriter music scene taking hold at the time. The club also hired rock bands and provided open mike and hoot nights for aspiring talent of all types. Springsteen is known to have given several solo performances at the club during the May to October 1968 period. These performances included an array of folk orientated songs Bruce had written from late 1967 to mid-1968, material that didn't fit into the rock setlists performed by The Castiles (and later Earth). The listed fifteen songs (all Springsteen originals) represent much of his original composition repertoire played at these solo shows during 1968. One of these songs, "Alone", was co-written by Springsteen and Norman Luck (leader of the band Purpul Dyneste). The Springsteen songwriting style here bears some similarity to the 1967-68 material of Tim Buckley, Leonard Cohen and Donovan, and these artists songs were sometimes intermingled with Springsteen originals during the solo shows.

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