1968-06-28 West End Casino, Long Branch, NJ

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One show, double bill, featuring The Castiles along with The Broadways. The Castiles had previously opened for The Broadways at a gig on December 22, 1967 but they closed this night's show. The soul-influenced Broadways had evolved from a group called The Uniques that had a 1964 single (with Nicky Addeo on lead vocals) on Norman Seldin's Selsom Records label. Then, as The Broadways, they'd released two singles on the MGM label in 1966. The Broadways included vocalists Leon Trent (leader of the longtime Asbury Park based soul troupe Waterfront) and Billy Brown (who had several R&B hits in the 1970s with his group The Moments). Kirk Shorte, the lead guitarist in the backing band that supported The Broadways, informed Brucebase of this and the following week's show.

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