1968-07-17 Off Broad Street Coffee House, Red Bank, NJ (Early)

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Scheduled: 19:30 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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First of two shows, double bill, singer Jeannie Clark opening and The Castiles closing. The newspaper ad for this show is somewhat deceptive, as its billing 'Jeannie Clark and The Castiles' implies they performed together when in fact Jeannie performed separately as the undercard, she did not perform onstage with The Castiles at the show. Jeannie had recently left local band "Gross National Product' in order to pursue a solo folk singing career. She would end up opening several shows for Springsteen in 1970-71 (see September 11, 1970, October 23, 1970, July 10, 1971) as well as being one of 'The Zoomettes' for the Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom-gigs in May 1971.

The first time I remember really setting eyes on Bruce Springsteen was at the Off Broad Street Coffee House, where I sang often in the late 1960s and early "70s. I knew he had a high school band, The Castiles, that rivaled my band from Middletown, the Gross National Product. He appeared shy, alone, and mysterious. His hair was long, or seemed long to a girl fresh out of high school in the 60s. I hadn't seen hair like that on a guy, except for Bob Dylan's bass player, when I saw him perform at Rutgers University. I didn't have the courage to walk up and talk to Bruce, although I sensed that he had a soul deeper than the GI I was hanging with, sitting with a group around a table.
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