1969-11-22 Crenshaw Gymnasium, Ashland, VA

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One show, triple billing, held in the school's 3,500 seat Crenshaw Gymnasium. This concert (the second in two nights) was part of a major sporting and cultural activities weekend at Randolph-Macon. Steel Mill (who were paid $650) have second billing to headliner Iron Butterfly (who were paid a whopping $7,500 - that's substantial for this time period). Richmond band Natural Wildlife open the show. Unlike the previous night this concert had a traditional performing structure. Steel Mill played about 60 to 70 minutes. The concert was not a sellout and lost money. One online blogger who attended this show has commented of Iron Butterfly that "Their performance was sloppy. They did a long version of their big song, but they were sleepwalking. I got the feeling that they were intimidated by Child's earlier performance." Press surrounding this show used the name Child, not Steel Mill, although posters and handbills may have been adjusted to accommodate the name change.

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