1970-01-13 Matrix (The), San Francisco, CA

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One show, with Steel Mill supported by Jonathan Goodlife, a rock band from Reno, NV. Boz Scaggs was the scheduled headliner but cancelled at the last minute due to illness; Steel Mill replaced him on the bill. Springsteen has recalled auditioning for this gig, but Vini Lopez has noted that the band's place at the show came about through Tinker West's link with Gordon Kennerly, the manager of Quicksilver Messenger Service. This is the show attended by critic Philip Elwood, who turned up intending to review Scaggs but ended up writing a highly favorable review of Steel Mill that appeared in the January 14 edition of The San Francisco Examiner. "America Under Fire" includes a snippet of "America The Beautiful". The listed setlist emanates from a long circulating, excellent quality soundboard audio from one of the California gigs. This is very likely (but not absolutely certain) to emanate from this January 13 show, as it seems to correspond closely to details noted in Elwood's article. Elwood mentions that the group opened with a brief warm-up instrumental rendition of "Satin Doll". However, the other tracks mentioned by Elwood do appear and the crowd noise corresponds with Elwood's 1984 comments that very few people were in attendance. Jim Stipech, guitarist with Jonathan Goodlife, recalled "this lead singer, who turns out to be Bruce Springsteen, was a show unto himself. Not 'show-offy,' just non-stop energy, and serious focus on the guitar."

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