1971-05-15 Newark State College, Union, NJ

Scheduled: 11:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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(left to right): Connie Menser, Robin Nash, Fifi Joslin, Sherle Tallent (short blond hair), unknown possibly Jeannie Clark, John Luraschi, Big Danny Gallagher, Kevin Kavanaugh, Bobby Williams (on drums), Albee Tellone.
Albee Tellone has noted that that this is likely one of the closing songs of the set, Jambalaya, as he is playing the cowbell.

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Left photo (left to right): Garry Tallent, drummer Bobby Williams (just barely visible), Springsteen and Southside Johnny (with hat). Kevin Kavanaugh far right (partially visible)
Right photo (left to right): Springsteen, Southside Johnny (with hat) + “The Zoomettes” (Connie Manser, Robin Nash, Fifi Joslin, Jeannie Clark, unidentified female in miniskirt, Steve Large with afro and Kevin Kavanaugh).

J.D. Woofer, Tinker's dog. Although we can never be absolutely certain, it is probably J.D. who can be heard barking during the acoustic "Look Towards the Land". Albee Tellone has recounted that the band tried to get him to roll over during the 'roll over' refrain in Jambalaya. It didn't work.

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