1971-11-04 Pocketful Of Tunes Inc., New York City, NY

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Bruce's first-ever meeting with future manager Mike Appel, held at Wes Farrel's publishing company, Pocketful of Tunes, located at 39 West 55th Street, New York City, New York, where Appel was employed. Tinker West, who knew Appel through the group Tumbleweed (aka Montana Flintlock), organized the get-together and drove Bruce to New York City for the meeting. Bruce performed 2, 3 or 4 songs (accounts differ), some on piano, some on acoustic guitar. Only Appel and West were present at this first meeting. Appel has stated in interview that he was not particularly impressed by what he heard at this initial audition but did see raw creativity in the lyrics of "Baby Doll". Another song played was "Song For Orphans"; the titles of other songs performed are unclear, these may be the only two. The meeting ended with an agreement to keep in touch but no commitments from either party. The next Springsteen-Appel meeting, in February 1972, would elicit a dramatically more enthusiastic response from Appel.

Mike Appel Audition

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