1972-01-23 Captain's Garter (The), Neptune, NJ

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One show, triple bill, with The Sundance Blues Band opening for Inferno and headliner Ruby Falls & The Rock City Band. The line-up of the Sundance Blues Band for these shows was Southside Johnny, Van Zandt, Tallent, Lopez, and David Sancious. Springsteen guests on guitar and vocals. Although it probably wasn't planned as such, this night's gig is believed to have been the final ever performance of The Sundance Blues Band.

BAND PERSONNEL NOTE: at this point in time, The Sundance Blues Band was the same personnel as The Bruce Springsteen Band with Southside Johnny as front man. Bruce had left for his family Christmas visit with no plans to return to NJ. A quick-thinking Van Zandt threw together a band called Blued Midnight but reverted to the old Sundance Blues Band name after one gig at the Student Prince. Things weren't going well and some of them wanted to relocate to Richmond, Virginia. David Sancious and Garry Tallent made the move and got work in a recording studio. Southside Johnny also moved to Richmond and joined a different band when Van Zandt and Lopez decided to return to NJ. Springsteen never considered moving to Richmond and pursued Mike Appel and Jim Cretecos as a solo artist.

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