1972-05-00 CBS Records, New York City, NY

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Just after the three Hammond auditions (Hammond's office, the Gaslight, and the studio), it was organized for Bruce to perform for Clive Davis. We assume he did this in the same building as he did the Hammond audition, as Hammond and Davis's offices were in the same corridor. The evidence of this comes from Clive Davis himself, in an interview with Craig Statham, who writes: "Accompanied by Appel and his lawyer, Jules Kurz, and with Hammond throwing praise his way throughout, he played a set of at least an hour. Davis was convinced – before him was an extraordinary talent. Appel has recalled that Davis 'was every bit as excited as Hammond was only he didn’t show it as much.' Davis didn't need Hammond to sing Springsteen's praises during the session, recalling, 'Springsteen came to my office for a final audition. I heard his material. I believed in him, I signed him.'//" We have no details regarding the setlist, but it's fair to assume that it would be very similar to what was played for Hammond some days before.

Clive Davis Audition

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