1972-07-05 Grant's Cinema III Theater, Red Bank, NJ

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Scheduled: 17:00 Local Start Time ??:?? / End Time ??:??

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One show with The Bruce Springsteen Band (listed in the Red Bank Register as the Bruce Springsteen Blues Band) the only artist on the bill, a benefit for 1972 Presidential candidate George McGovern. It is not known how long Bruce's performance lasted but the $3.00 donation also included a ticket to see the evening movie, Frogs, starring Ray Milland. The money raised from this event was used to keep the McGovern office in Shrewsbury running and to send delegates to the Democratic convention. The concert was sponsored by Howie Grant, who was the treasurer for the Monmouth County Democratic Party. Ann Campbell was the treasurer for the New Jersey Democratic Club and sister of Bruce's former manager, Fran Duffy (as Ooze and Oz Productions). Garry Tallent was not available for this show, so at the very last minute Bruce called his friend Chris Plunkett and asked him to play bass. Brucebase reader Larry comments: "I was going through a friend's Bruce collection, trying to date his early memorabilia and I found this handmade poster, which came from the Theater's Box Office." Bobby Grant informs us that the poster, which was hand lettered by Sue Moody who was the cashier at the theater, is a one of a kind Springsteen collectible that was auctioned by Lelands Auctions for $813.

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