1972-08-14 Max's Kansas City, New York City, NY (Late)

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Second of two shows, triple bill, with Springsteen (solo) opening for headliner Dave Van Ronk and folk stylist Doris Abrahams. Each of Bruce's shows was limited to about 30 minutes (three to five songs). All together Springsteen performed twelve shows during his stand at Max's Kansas City, with three to five songs played per show (approximately 40 to 60 song performances over the course of the week). Although the setlist details for these shows is not known, it is highly likely that all nine songs from the Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. album were performed. As well as the Greetings LP material (and in addition to "Henry Boy", which is on the video), the other songs likely to have been played during this residency are those known to have been recorded at 914 Sound Studio in Blauvelt, NY for potential inclusion on the debut album. These include "Arabian Nights", "Two Hearts In True Waltz Time", the still uncirculating/unheard song "Let The Words", "Visitation At Fort Horn", "Lady And The Doctor", "Circus Song" and "Song For Orphans". Two other major songs written by Bruce around this time, "Balboa vs. The Earthslayer" and "Calvin Jones & The Thirteenth Apostle", may also have been performed over the course of these shows.

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