1972-09-04 Max's Kansas City, New York City, NY

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One (informal) show, with Springsteen (solo) performing during a late afternoon-early evening 'open-mic' Monday at the club. This was the Labor Day holiday and no pre-advertised acts were booked. As fate would have it, resident Greenwich Village folkie David Blue happened to be socializing downstairs at Max's prior to his own gig later in the evening at The Bitter End. In a 1992 interview in Musician magazine, Springsteen seemingly made reference to this specific performance, commenting: "I used to come down to Max's Kansas City and play by myself… David Blue came down one night and as I was walking off stage said, 'Hey man that was great, come with me.' We got in a cab and went downtown to The Bitter End, where I (first) met Jackson Browne."

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