1972-11-25 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI

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Bruce's first ever appearance in Michigan. Bruce and the band perform a free promotional gig (organized by Mike Appel) at the 1972 Detroit Auto Show along with a number of other bands. The exhibition ran from November 18 to 26 and the theme was the circus with numerous clowns at the event. It is possible that Appel was able to get the band a slot due to the soon-to-be-released "Wild Billy's Circus Story". The band play on a temporary riser in a large showroom, as they start their set Danny's amp fails because it is plugged into a 220 volt line rather than the correct 110 volt. The amp literally had smoke pouring out of it and was a total loss. The other amps had to be quickly unplugged to prevent further damage. Albee Tellone recalled that "the amps started to burn up right away when they started the first song. It was a disaster. We were confused and upset. We drove home right away thinking "what the fuck happened?" Federici's amp was a total loss. Bruce's Marshall head was fried too but we took it to get repaired in NJ."

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