1972-12-07 Chapel, Ossining Correctional Facility, Ossining, NY

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One early afternoon show for inmates of 'Sing Sing Prison', with Springsteen and the boys the sole act on the bill. This nearly two hour show was held in the Prison Chapel. Apparently Mike Appel organized this as a bit of publicity stunt, and it did indeed attract reporters from Crawdaddy! magazine. A performance at this prison isn't as bizarre as it may seem, as there had been a similar concert on November 22 starring Joan Baez and B.B. King that was filmed and is available on video. Setlist-wise this has to rank (along with February 23, 1974) as the most unique show ever performed by Bruce and the band since it featured nearly all cover material, including a Clarence Clemons vocal rendition of Buddy Miles' "Them Changes". Greetings Tour Sound Manager Albee Tellone has commented that an inmate with a saxophone was invited onstage to play with the band on a blues number in the key of C (possibly "Secret To The Blues"). The inmate was playing a small "C Melody" saxophone tuned to the key of C. It was the only key he could play in, so Bruce accommodated his presence by playing in C. Albee recalled that one of the lines in the tune said, "she had limousine legs" - which brought a cheer from the crowd on inmates. Intriguingly, the line is similar to a lyric in Bruce's early demo "Street Queen". Springsteen made reference to this gig in a 1973 Columbia Records media release. Of the inmate audience he comments: "They're tough dudes. They got nobody to impress at all. It was good that they liked us". Albee received a call from photographer Eric Meola (of Born To Run fame) asking about this show and the inmate with the sax. He was trying to track him down because he had taken a photo of him playing on that same stage with B.B. King and Joan Baez a few months before Springsteen performed there. Meola later told Tellone that the man was located but was uncooperative. Following this show Springsteen and the band made the 90-minute drive to New York City to play two further shows that evening at Kenny's Castaways.

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