1973-01-09 WBCN Studio, Boston, MA

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Bruce's first-ever radio station performance and still the earliest circulating 'live' material with what would become the E Street Band. The silky-voiced female DJ is the legendary Maxanne Sartori. There are some funny moments in this show particularly when Bruce introduces Clarence as his biological brother. At one point Sartori asks Bruce to perform his mysterious "long-lost hit from the 60s", to which Bruce replies that people will have to come to Paul's Mall to hear it in the "Las Vegas part of the show." In addition to the band (minus Lopez), co-manager Jim Cretecos, roadie/soundman Albee 'Albany Al' Tellone and CBS rep Ed Hynes are in the broadcast studio, they provide the party-like background vocals on "Blinded By The Light". Earliest confirmed performance for "Bishop Danced". The last verse of "Wild Billy's Circus Story" features the alternative, early "hear the liar" lyric which would remain in place for the next few months. By the time of the Ahmanson Theatre appearance in May 1973, the lyric will have evolved into the familiar "and the strong man…"

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